About Us

Pictured from left to right: Justin Huynh, Daniel Chien, Dr. Gloria Wu, Savannah Korte, Joselyn Alanzalon, and Ting-I Sung

We are a group of pre-medical students based in Santa Clara County, where 166 languages are spoken. Our patients speak Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), Vietnamese, Tagalog, Korean, and Japanese. We realized that health education was needed for this community as COVID-19 was spreading in California. The morbidity and mortality of COVID-19 can be devastating as many Asians live in intergenerational housing arrangements and work in the Healthcare field. In addition, many Asian Americans are front line workers in warehouses, grocery stores, small retail stores, beauty and nail salons. Some Asian Americans work or own small agricultural businesses where their access to health care is limited.

We hope this blog will reach everyone on the internet in order to educate the public and promote better health practices during COVID-19. This is our first step in outreach. We hope you like our efforts and contact us anytime!